Handwriting Analysis (Graphology)

Handwriting analysis from Certified Practitioner Amithabh Wvalia. Understand the pattern of your subconscious mind & build a strong mindset.

What Is Graphology?

Have you wondered why we all have different handwriting? Also, why does the handwriting change with the passage of time? Why do some people write softly and some put a lot of pressure on the pen? Why do some people start from the extreme left of the paper and some from the middle? Why do some people write till the end of the right side and some move to the next line even when there is space available? What does it mean when someone writes big letters and gives space and someone writes small and closed-knit letters?

The answer to all these questions & many more come from Graphology, which is the art & science of handwriting analysis.

Our handwriting can Cleary portray our subconscious mind on a piece of paper. Each letter we write depicts the thought pattern that is going on in our subconscious mind. When we write big, small, or medium letters, when we use the left, right, or middle of the paper more when we make a loop or we write straight letters each has its own meaning. By Hand Writing analysis we can easily understand the strengths, weaknesses, interests, dislikes, and brain patterns of a person & hence can counsel about suitable careers for each individual. We can help remove weakening beliefs and build strong mindsets.

Graphology Helps

Also by changing the handwriting we can do reverse engineering and influence our subconscious mind in a positive manner.

Who should go for Hand Writing Analysis-

Who want to understand the strengths and weaknesses of their children so that they can counsel them in shaping their careers and personality.

Who want to understand the behavior patterns in their handwriting and want to improvise their outcome in their studies and careers.

What we do-
We take samples of handwriting & give a detailed handwriting analysis on the key points observed. Then we recommend the important changes that one should do in handwriting that would give a positive impact on the personality & career of the concerned person.

Handwriting Analysis (Graphology)

How We Do It?

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Handwriting Analysis (Graphology)

Frequently Asked Questions

It will help you understand your strengths, weaknesses, areas of improvement & recommendations for the future growth. You can check an example of the analysis – (Click to see)

The one-time cost is 1400 INR. You can also purchase this along with our numerology, the total price of both is 2500 INR

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