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Healing Crystals

Buy healing crystals products online in Dehradun. Explore Vedic Energy Healings crystals & natural stones products.

Crystals & Stone Healing

Crystals & Stones are formed naturally in the earth crust, in oceans as a results of many natural phenomena’s. Some are made deep under the Sea, some as a result of Volcanic Eruption. Some are made deep under the Earth crust during hundreds of years. These crystals and stones are believed to resonate at the same frequency as human beings and are considered to heal the human Body, Mind and Soul. These help in balancing the energies of Chakras which are pathways of our Vital Energies. Each Chakra is associated with different organ and influences us both physically, mentally & spiritually.

We at “Vedic Energy Healings” recommend crystals in the form of customised Bracelets & Malas as per the “Numeroscope” & “Kundali” of a person. These crystals help in energising the weak numbers and enhancing the power of our lucky numbers. These numbers in our date of birth depict the influence of various planets on our lives.

What We Do?

We analyse the date of birth through “Lakshmi Yantra” or Losho Grid and find the missing, repetitive, lucky, unlucky numbers and recommend the remedies accordingly. We recommend suitable changes in the Mobile number, Signature, Name, Vehicle number & colour that influence the life of the individual positively. Generally positive results are seen within 45 days  once the remedies are done with belief and positive attitude.

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